Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheetah In Back Garden?!

Cheetah In Back Garden?!

Cheetah and a nine-year-old boy.
What: A nine-year-old boy saw a cheetah in back garden.
When: Thursday October 30 2008
Where: Cambridge shire, United Kingdom
Why: There was a cheetah in the back garden because the cheetah escape from Hamerton zoo.

Toby was playing with his bike. And suddenly he saw a big cat.
The cheetah had escaped from Hamerton zoo, because the a broken electric fence.
And the director of the zoo said "He wouldn't pose any danger and his reaction to strangers would be the same as a pet dog - either a friendly greeting or a guarded retreat"
"I do not know of any cases of a cheetah attacking a human."
And the director also said that the electric fence had been fixed.

How did the Tody been saved?
Why did the electric fence broke?
How did the cheetah got to the back garden?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dog Saved Kittens~

Dog Saved Kittens~

Who: Leo (Dog)

What: He saved 4 kittens.

When: Sunday October 26 2008

Where: Australia

Why: Didn't said

In Australia there's a house catching fire. Every people and dogs escape from the house except a dog called Leo and 4 kittens.
Leo didn't escape from the house because he was guarding the 4 kittens.
At last all the animals were save, but Leo had to have medical treatment.

Why didn't Leo escape too?
Why didn't the kittens escape by their self?
How did Leo and Kitten been saved?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Red, Yellow, or Green?!

Red, Yellow, or Green?!

Why do you think they do this?

I think they do this this because teachers want to let you know what is your grade now and what can you improve?

Why do you think this might be important in your learning?

It is important in my learning because if I don't know what is my grade, then I might not know what can I improve.

What do you like about this approach?

I like about this approach is I can kind of know what is my grade and what can I improve

What do you dislike about this approach?

Really like this approach!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is That Website Good?

Is That Website Good?

I am planning to use World Book Online, Discovery, and National Geographic.
World Book Online is a good sites because it is not wrote by a 7th grade student, it is wrote by many professors.
I think Discovery is a good site because this site is about animals, and I'm researching about animals. And it is a channel on TV.
I think National Geographic is a god site because this site is about animals too. And National Geographic publication many magazine about animals and TV show.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cool thing!!!~

Cool thing!!!~

Who: Japanese

What: They invent some cool thing like you don't have to wear socks by yourself, machine that will gave the food to the dog, and a clock that looks like a earphone.

When: Can't find

Where: Japan

Why: It makes their life

How did the socks thing work?
The socks thing is like a shoehorn. And then put the sock on the shoehorn adn then you put it on you foot. And that's it.

How did the dog food machine work?
You put the dog food in the machine and then you have to set a time. So when it's the time then the machine will give the food to dog.

How does the earphone clock work?
You have to set a time and then you can go to sleep. When it's time then the clock will ring.
( It is in Chinese)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Star Make Noise?!


Who: Stars
What: The stars can make noises!!!!
When: October 24, 2008
Where: Space
Why: The stars give off a same rhythm. And each rhythm is a pulsating of a star.
The stars have different sound. It depend on it's size, ages, and what sis they make of!!!!

How did they record the sound of stars?

Why did the stars make noise?

How did they know stars make noise?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

??? WHY ???

Why is it important to have a clear explanation than a right answer in maths and science?

It is more important to have a clear explanation than a right answer because if you only has the right answer but you don't have the explanation, the teacher might think you copied other people' answer.
And if you has the explanation but you don't has the right answer. It is easier to know where did you do wrong.
And explanation can help you to remember how do you did that, so if you forgot how to do that problem you can go back and watch the explanation.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reflection On Learning And Thinking

Reflection On Learning And Thinking

I learned that there's many ways of learning.
I learned that there's many level of think. Remember, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.
I learned many kind of study skills.
I learned process of learning can be very very hard.

Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Make The GSP work clear?

Why is it important to make your work clear in GSP? How To Make The GSP work clear?

1. So people now where is the start and where is the end.
2. So that people can easily to understand what you're trying to say.
3. So people want to read or look your work
4. You can get a better grade!!!!!!!!

1. Make the label big
2. Make X and Y axises thick
3. Put the different problem into different color, but not too many color.
4. Separate the label from other label.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reflections About Blogging

What is blog

Blog is like a place that you can write somethings and learn something.

Why should we blog?
Blogging helps you to practice you grammar.
An you can also know what other people thinks about of his or her posts.
Also blog a a good way to learn.

How to blog?
You can write your journal in your blog, but be careful of your words.
You can also write an article, you own poem, a story...

Getting started
To start blogging you have to remember that everyone can see your blog, so you don't want write something bad in your blog.

Good netiquette
- Good comments
- No bad words

Internet safety
It's very important to keep yourself save online.
Because now there's more and more people's e-mail been hack and so of the people make friend on internet. And they don't know if their online friend are good or bad. Some of them may ask you to meet the at other place and the do some bad thing to you.
So be careful on internet.

- Only GOOD comment
- Make your comments clear


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thinking Skills

Learning Skills
One skill I use for thinking is break the information to different group.
I usually make a table on a piece of paper and write the information that I have already break it down.

Other thinking skill I use is opposite thinking.
I think in the opposite way.
Can we go when it's red light?
You can think in the opposite way. You know that you can go when it's green light. So green light' opposite is red light. And the opposite of go is stop.
So you can't go When it's red light.

Remembering is remind the things that you learn.

Read, draw, find, list, label...
Videos, models, books, events...

Read the book or other things many time then you will remember it.

Creating id to invent something.

Synthesize, present, plan, create, deduce...
Article, radio, poem, show, story...

Use the skill and information that you learn before to create.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The 5 Students Outcomes

The 5 Students Outcomes~

- Person of high character
I did well: I help my group mates when we are doing lab.
I didn't do well: I didn't put my thing away.

- Critical thinker

I did well: I think to answer the questions.
I didn't do well: I didn't help my group mate to

- Community Contributor
I did well: I help other group to clean.
I didn't do well: I forgot to put the things we use away.

- Active learner

I did well:
I ask my group mate question.
I didn't do well: I was not a active learner when I was talking to Stephanie instead of doing my works.

- Effective Communicator
I did well: I talk to others.
I didn't do well: ....?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wildfires Raging In California !!

Wildfires Raging In California !!


There's a big wildfire in California. So far there's 2 people died and about 12,000 people have to leave their home.
Between October and February wildfires are a very big problem in southern California.

Tuesday October 14 2008


There's a wildfires because the hot desert wind blow into the drying out plants, and makes the wildfires easy to start and spread.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How I Learn!?

Skill, Knowledge , Understanding!!

I learn new skill by looking others do and practice...

I get knowledge from reading books, watch news, watch movie, research something I am interesting about.

I get new idea from looking around the environment, things. Sometimes I get a new idea from other people's works, songs, poems, drawings...

Map Eggs!!!~

Map Eggs~

Who: Chang Yin and his Map eggs
What: There's a hen that leg map eggs
When: June 2008
Where: Shandong
Why: Don't know

What is map eggs?

A map eggs are eggs that has a shape of all continent on there shells.
( It's in Chinese )

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Craspedacusta Sowerbyi!!!

The craspedacusta sowerbyi!!!

Who: The craspedacusta sowerbyi
What: A large number of craspedacusta sowerbyi appeared in Hunan.
When: Can't found
Where: In the western of Hunan.
Why: Still scientists are still finding the reason.

What is craspedacusta sowerbyi?

A craspedacusta sowerbyi is a hydromedusae jellyfish.
They are usually been found in calm, freshwater reservoirs, lakes...
raspedacusta sowerbyi are older the the dinosaur.
And beacuse of that reason it was one of the highest rank in the extremely danger biology.
It is also the endangered species in the world.
(It is in Chinese)

Earphone Not Only Can Listens to Music, Also Can Catch Movie!

Earphone Can Not Only Listens To Music, But Also Can Catch Movie~

Who: An electric company in Japan
What: They invent an earphone that you can watch movie with it.
When: Can't find
Where: Japan
Why: So while you are walking you also can watches the movie.

How to use this earphone?
Put the earphone on, and put the little scree in front of you eyes. Then you can watch the movie!!!
( in Chinese)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monkey Waiter!!! So Cute!!!

Monkey Waiter!!!
In Tokyo there a liquor house. The waiters of that liquor room are two cute monkey.
The monkeys will hand over the hot towel ad deliver the beer to the customer.
On the wall of liquor house there's a animal work permit which the government issues.
The monkeys' working time are no more than two hours.
These two monkey make the business of this liquor house better!!
(It is in Chinese)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dubai's Planning To Build A 1000 meter High Skyscraper!!!!

Dubai Nakheel Company Planning To Build A 1000 meter High Skyscraper!!!!
Today Nakheel company said they are planning to build a 1000 meter high skyscraper. And this skyscraper will be the highest skyscraper in the world.
Su Leimu the president of Nakheel company said the this plan is very special, he said that this “Palm Island Harbor And The Skyscraper” will be complete in 2020. Su Leimu also said that this skyscraper will expenditure will reach as high as the number by 1,000,000,000 Dirham.
Now this skyscraper is 160 floors high.
(It is in Chinese)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Save the Black Rhino!!!!!!!

Save the Black Rhino!!!!!!!
25 years ago black rhinos were cared by humans. But today rhinos are being let out to to live into the wildness. There used to be a lot of rhinos in the past but in the 1980s thousands were killed. Now a project that goes very well. And the planners are happy and release to let the black rhino out into the wildness.
Now the team are working on
one of the countries where rhinos have struggled.
There were 20,000 black rhinos living in Kenya in the 1970s but now there's only about 500 black rhino left. And most of them were killed by poachers.